The Human Eye: Parts And Functions
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The Human Eye: Parts And Functions
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Post Icon The Human Eye: Parts And Functions

[Image: 313hqmv.jpg]

Aqueous Humour
— A jelly-like substance located in the anterior chamber of the eye

— Located behind the retina and absorbs unused radiation

Ciliary muscle
 A ring-shaped muscle attached to the iris
— Contraction and relaxation of the ciliary muscle controls the shape of the lens

— A strong clear bulge located at the front of the eye
— Contributes to the image-forming process by refracting light entering the eye

— A small depression in the retina
— The part of the retina in which high-resolution vision of fine detail is possible

— The hyaloid diaphragm divides the aqueous humour from the vitreous humour

— A diaphragm of variable size whose function is to adjust the size of the pupil to regulate the amount of light entering the eye
- Iris is the coloured part of the eye

— A flexible unit that consists of layers of tissue enclosed in a tough capsule.
— It is suspended from the ciliary muscles by the zonule fibres

Optic nerve
— The second cranial nerve and is responsible for vision
— Each nerve contains approximately 1 million fibres transmitting info from the rod and cone cells of the retina

Papilla Pupil
— Also known as the “blind spot’ and is located at the position from which the optic nerve leaves the retina
— The aperture through which light enters the eye.
— Formed by the iris.
— As the sie of iris increases, the size of the pupil decreases and vice versa

— The “screen” on which an image is formed by light that has entered the eye via the cornea. aqueous humour, pupil, lens, then the hyaloid and finally the vitreous humour before reaching the retina
— The retina contains photosensitive elements (called rods and cones) that convert the light they detect into nerve impulses that are then sent onto the brain along the optic nerve

— A tough white sheath around the outside of the eyeball
— “the white of the eye”

Vitreous humour
— A jelly-like substance
11-02-2014 06:46 PM
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RE: The Human Eye: Parts And Functions

تصویر: images/smilies/heart.gifhello all students?
04-18-2016 06:17 PM
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RE: The Human Eye: Parts And Functions

Can u plz tell me which years might be come in upcoming paper 2 of CIE
05-05-2016 09:12 PM
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