Past Paper For Form Two
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Past Paper For Form Two
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Post Icon Past Paper For Form Two

  1. Each of the following statement has several answers. Choose the most suitable and write the letter of the box provided.

[*]The great achievement of man in the middle stone age was the discovery of

  1. Bronze                               C. Fire
  2. Iron tools                           D. Farming                    (         )

[*]The first societies to make and use iron tools were sometimes called

  1. Early hunter-gatherers     C. The early stone age people
  2. Early agriculturist             D. The early traders               (         )

[*]The trade across the Sahara was one of the major reasons for the

  1. Spread of Jihad of West Africa                                         (         )
  2. Rise the empire of Ghana
  3. Rise of the kingdom of oyo
  4. Fall of the empire sokoto

[*]In the evolution of man the systematic tool makes was

  1. Zinjathropus                     C. Homo erectus                    (         )
  2. Austrolopithecines            D. Homo babitis

[*]The collection of pupil documents is called

  1. Museums                           C. Archaeology                       (         )
  2. Archieves                           D. Oral tradition

[*]Some of the weapons used by the Ngoni were

  1. Clubs, Cow-hide shields, and gun-powder                     (         )
  2. Short stabbing, spear, gun-powder and clubs
  3. Guns, clubs and short stabbing spears
  4. Short stabbing spear, clubs and spears.

[*]The Maseko Ngoni group who reached songea were led by

  1. Chaka                                C. Mbelwa                               (         )
  2. Mputa                                D. Mpangala

[*]The factors which determine the economic activities are

  1. Fertility of its soil               C. Its environment                 (         )
  2. Climate condition              D. All the above

[*]Olduvai Gorge is famous for

  1. Archaelogical findings                C. Oral traditions         (         )
  2. Archival activities                       D. Sedentary farming

[*]Homo-sapiens lived in one of the following periods

  1. Early stone age                           C. Late stone age (         )
  2. Iron age                                       D. Middle stone age

  1. You are provided with a series of historical facts, list A and list B. Choose the correct statement in list B and match it with relevant facts in list A.

  1. Abolition of Trans-Atlantic slave Trade
  2. Isike, Mirambo, Mkwawa, Machemba and Kabaka
  3. The late Mwalimu Nyerere, father of nation
  4. Discovery and the use of fire
  5. A duration one thousand years
  6. Political and religious leader among the masaai
  7. Christopher Columbus
  8. State organization
  9. Zwangendaba
  10. Archaeology

[*]A main source of the writing of history
[*]Industrial  revolution in Europe
[*]Centralized state in central Africa
[*]Historical sites in East Africa
[*] St. Thomas Hospital – London
[*]Participated in slave trade in East Africa
[*]Discovery of U. S. A
[*]Middle stone age
[*]Led the Ngoni group which settled in Ufipa
[*]Is a political organization exercising authority over a defuned territory
[*]Oyo leaders
[*]Some of the Early famous salt sources in Africa

SECTION B: (30 Marks)
  1. In the space provided after each of the statement write “T” if the statement is correct and “F” if the statement is not correct. The first statement is given as an example.

[*]The trade conducted in East Africa was known as Trans-Saharan Trade E.

[*]Increased used of Iron laid foundation for the development of agriculture and industry in Africa _________

[*]Zinjanthropus had reached the stage of making and using tools _________
[*]Hunters and gatherers differed from crop cultivation because hunters and Gatherers entirely depended on nature for their livehood _______

[*]The main function of Ntemi (Chief) was to settle land and social conflicts ___________

[*]The main function of clan Head was to settle land and social conflicts _________

[*]Under lemwinyi system, political and economic powers were monopolized by Mwinyi __________

[*]Olduvai Gorge is a historical site in Kondoa ___________

[*]In age-set system the division of labour was based on age and color __________

[*]During the period of Early stone age people had permanent shelters _____________

  1. Arrange the following sentences in a chronological order by writing their roman numbers in the table provided.

[*]In this struggle man continually learns how to design fashioned better tools.

[*]In so doing he developed Science and technology.
[*]History explains man`s struggle to master his environment
[*]History shows the changing relationship between man and man in the course of material production.
[*]For example the people lived Embaiks long time ago controlled their environment by adopting irrigation and terracing.

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SECTION C: (30 Marks)
  1. Write short notes on the following

  1. Clan organization
  2. State organization
  3. Ngoni migration

  1. (a) Briefly explain five effects of Ngoni invasion

(b) Mention (4) Impact of interaction among African people

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