How To Use A Dictionary
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How To Use A Dictionary
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Post Icon How To Use A Dictionary


Directing is the process of supervising or leading a particular action to be performed.
For people to know different places and direction at all time for avoiding to be lost usually use Compass direction to give direction to them.
The main purpose of this topic is just to give out the meaning of compass direction and the uses of the cardinal points on showing and allocating places.
Cardinal points these are the points used in the compass direction to show four different directions, cardinal points include East, West, South, and North.
Compass Direction is an instrument used for finding direction. It has magnetized needle which sits on a face. The face has different directions down on it. The needle always points to magnetic north.
In giving direction there are common words used to locate the direction of one point to another, for example of those words are left, right, crossing, opposite, adjacent, behind, in front of, near to, nearby.
Examples of how those words mentioned can be used in giving directions.
Consider the following conversation below:
Rehema: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the pharmacy?
John:  Yes it is that way, just go straight away after two houses. Then turn left on the corner opposite to the post office you will find the hospital nearby the Police office and the road so cross the road then you will find the pharmacy it is found adjacent to the Market.
Rehema:  Thanks very much my brother, I am not a native of this region so I really don’t know the way.
John:  Ooooh never mind, I know how you feel, I was born in this town so I know everything.

*For improving better ways of asking or giving direction there is an exercise which can be done

Look at the map below, imagine you are one of the children asking for the direction. Practice asking for and giving directions to
A) Mosque
B) Dispensary
C) Market
D) Agriculture office
E) Church

 [Image: directions.jpg]
Through the use of the sketched map above, places can be located as follows;
The school is situated at Northwest of Tanzania, and it is located in the countryside near to the agriculture office.
Near the school, there is a mosque situated behind the school.
The church is situated at the town center near to the market at the south-east of Tanzania.
Opposite to the chairman’s office, there is a dispensary.

The use of Comparatives and superlatives words
These are words that are used are used to show the degree of comparisons between two or more than two items. There are three main ways of making comparison;
The use of “As” this is the ordinary form of adjectives or verbs;
For instance; she is as tall as Juma
                She is as strong as Omega.
The use of “than” this is the comparative form of adjective or a verb, For instance; That house is bigger than mine
        They did this test more careful than we did.
The words which are used to compare things are called Comparatives, For example;
*Big, bigger, biggest.
*Tall, taller, tallest
*Cheap, cheaper, cheapest
*Short, shorter, shortest


A) er” go with than
For example; an elephant is bigger than a lion.
                      Cat is smaller than dog.
B) The …est must go with” the
For example; an elephant is the biggest animal in the world
                      Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa
C) If a word cannot take …est then use …most
For example; Amina is the most beautiful girl in the class.
                       Juma is the most intelligent in their school
Try to practice the following Exercise
Change the word in the bracket and write the whole sentence correctly;
1. An elephant is (small) a pumpkin.
2. Airplanes are (fast) than cars.
3. A snail is (tall) me.
4. James (tall) me.
5. Miss Tanzania is (beautiful) miss Jupiter.
The possible answers of this task can be as follows;
[*]An elephant is smaller than a pumpkin
[*]Airplanes are faster than cars
[*]A snail is taller than me
[*]Miss Tanzania is more beautiful than miss Jupiter.
06-10-2017 10:43 AM
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