Form Three Past Paper
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Form Three Past Paper
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Post Icon Form Three Past Paper


Choose the most correct answer by writing its letter beside the item answered
[*]When two forces act away from each other laterally, they are called

  1. Lateral forces
  2. Compressional forces
  3. Orogenic forces
  4. Tension forces

[*]Rotation of the earth result into

  1. Elliptical orbit
  2. Seasons of the year
  3. Standard time
  4. Day and night

[*]Which of the following feature is not formed by wind erosion

  1. Rock pedestal
  2. Zengen
  3. Yardang
  4. Barchans

[*]Which of the following feature is formed by river deposition

  1. Pot holes
  2. Soil creep
  3. Ox-bow Lakes
  4. Interlocking spurs

[*]Which of the following is not associated with earthquakes;

  1. Body waves                   C. Geyser
  2. Richer scale                  D. Seismography

[*]The temperature at Marangu – Moshi 500 m where the tourists start climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is 200c. What will be the temperature when they reach 2000 m above sea level.

  1. 120c                     C. 110c
  2. 240c                     D. 290c

[*]Iron sometimes combine with oxygen to form a new mineral compound, this process is known as

  1. Solution                        C. Oxidation
  2. Carbonation                 D. Hydrolysis

[*]Dar es Salaam 450E pm is 10.00 pm what time will it be in London 0o

  1. 01.00 am                      C.0.8.00
  2. 07.00 pm                      D. 07.00 am

[*]Raised natural banks built in time of floods

  1. Abrasion                       C. Attrition
  2. Levees                           D. Oxbow Lake

[*]Rain shadow effects means

  1. Side of mountain facing away from direction of gas
  2. The side of mountain which does not receive moist wind (Leeward side)
  3. The steepest side of any mountain
  4. The side of the mountain corevered by snow.

  1. Match the items from List A with response in List B, by writing the  most correct letter beside the item number.

[*]Involves dragging or rolling of large peaces of material along the river bed.
[*]Seasonal variation in the volume of water on the channel.
[*]Sweeping of all fine and loose sand particles on ground in arid land by wind.
[*]Channels of streams joining the main river.
[*]Low swampy plain on the mouth of the river.

  1. River capture
  2. Aggradation
  3. Traction
  4. River regime
  5. Deflation
  6. Tributaries
  7. Delta
  8. Levees
  9. Meanders
  10. Saltation

3. Define
(a) Ox-bow Lake
(b) With the aid of diagrams explain its way of formation.
4. Define the following statistical terms
  1. Statistics
  2. Median

5. Use the following data to calculate
  1. Mode
  2. Median
  3. Standard deviation

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Age in year1617181920
6. The following number is a grid reference 548858, Mention two types of numbers which form this grid reference.
7. A road distance on map is 9 cm. What is the actual ground distance represented (in km) if the scale of that is
8. Explain the main economic importance of sedentary pastoralism in    Tanzania.
9. Explain the importance of studying river regime over a certain area of Tanzania.
10.    There is no any precaution measure which can be made to reduce mass wasting. Discuss.

03-23-2015 11:34 AM
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