Form 4 Past Paper
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Form 4 Past Paper
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Post Icon Form 4 Past Paper

Attempt all questions in each section.
Write your name and stream on every page of your work.
  1. Answer all questions in this section, choose the most correct answers and write its letter besides the items number to the answer sheets provided.

(i)       When two forces act towards each other laterally, they are called?
  1. Orogenic forces                           © Compression forces
  2. Tensional forces                          (d) Lateral forces.

((ii)     Revolution of the earth result into
  1. Day and night
  2. Seasons of the year
  3. Standard time
  4. Elliptical orbit

[*]Benjamin W. Mkapa High School situated at 45oE is 10.00 pm, what will be the time in London Located 0o

  1. 07.00 pm                                     ©  08.00 pm
  2. 01.00 am                                     (d) 07.00 am

[*]Which of the following features is not formed by deposition;

  1. Interlocking spars                      ©  A delta
  2. Ox-bow lake                                (d) A lagoon

[*]If the temperature at Pugu hill – Dsm. 500 m is 30oc. What will be the temperature when you reach 200m below Pugu hill.

  1. 29, 8oc                                         © 100oc
  2. 31.2o c                                         (d) 30.6oc

[*]What will be the actual ground distance in km for map distance of 4cm, if the map scale is 1:100.000: The ground distance will be;

  1. 4 cm   (b)  4 km   © 2.0 km   (d)  2.5 km

[*]___________________ divides the earth into two hermispheres

  1. Greenwhich meridian                 © Equator
  2. Longitude 180oE                         (d) Latitude 23 ½ o S.

[*]Folding is usually a result of

  1. An earthquake                            © Shear forces
  2. Compressional forces                 (d) Tensional forces.

[*]A process by which soil looses materials like sand and dusts, moved by wind from one place to another by lifting and rolling action is called.

  1. Wind deflation                             © Wind attrition
  2. Wind deposition                          (d) Wind abrasion

[*]     _____________________ refers to the material transported on the sides of glacier

  1. Lateral moraine                          © ground moraine
  2. Terminal moraine                        (d) Medial moraine

  1. Matching items, write answers in grid squares as shown below question items

#000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
 #000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">[td]

(iii)Karst Landscape
     (iv)Stevenson Screen
     (v)  Observation tool
    (vi) Systematic sampling
   (vii) Questionare
   (viii) Non probability sampling
  1. Not everymember have equal chance to be include in sample.
  2. A technique use written items by which respondents respond in writing.
  3. Selection of sample randomly at equal internal interval from sampling frame.
  4. A person use her/his senses of hearing fasting, smelling seeing, tourch and record what he see.
  5. Weather station
  6. A developed surface of  limestone region.
  7. Tide formed as a result of earthquake or volcanic eruption.
  8. Ability to view between two points.
  9. Technique involves oral questioning or discussion, the researcher is an inter viewer who ask.
  10. A researcher randomly select a group and each member in a group participate in research.

  1. Write short notes on the following research terms.

  1. Sampling
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Interview

  1. (a) What is chain surveying?

(b) Describe five Instruments used in chain surveying.
     5. Read the following table showing diamond production in Tanzania from    1971 to 1980 the answer the questions provided.
           DIAMOND PRODUCTION  IN TANZANIA 1971 – 1980#000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
AMOUNT IN KGS166148100999086102596854
  1. Present the data using divergent bar graph.
  2. Comment on the trend of production
  3. State two (2) merits of the method employed.

6. Study carefully the photograph below and answer the questions provided.
   (a) What type of photograph is shown?
   (b) Name the features shown in the photograph.
    © What is the activity taking place.
    (d) At what time was the photograph taken?
    (e) Describe the conditions necessary for the growth of the crop shown.
     Answer one question (Write on essay)
7. Describe in what ways forestry resources are important and valuable to various communities in the world.
8. "Air transport is more advantageous than other forms of transport"  Discuss.
07-22-2015 10:41 AM
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RE: Form 4 Past Paper

03-10-2016 11:24 PM
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