Form 4 Past Paper
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Form 4 Past Paper
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Post Icon Form 4 Past Paper

  • This paper consists of section A, B and C.
  • Answer all questions from section A and B and only ONE from section C.
  • All  writings must be in blue or black pen
  • All drawings must be in pencil.
SECTION A: 20 Marks
Multiple choice
[*]If you buy some onion`s from the market, most of what you buy is

A. Swollen leaves                          C. Swollen roots
B. Swollen stems                          D. Swollen endosperms
[*]An epidermal cell from a leaf was put in hypertonic solution. After sometime the cell became?

A. Crenated                                  C. Flaccid
B. Turgid                                      D. Deplasmolyzed
[*]The enzyme pepsin is produced by certain cells in the

A. Stomach                                   C. Duodenum
B. Pancreas                                  D. Pituitary
[*]A secretion containing enzymes, which digest proteins and carbonydrates is

A. Bile                                           C. Gastric juice
B. Pancreatic juice                             D. Saliva
[*]Which of  the following is mutualistc relationship?

  1. A caterpillar eating tomato plant
  2. A flowering plant and its pollinator
  3. A plasmodium inside the human body
  4. A tick and a cow

[*]A patient having blood group B can receive blood from a donour who belongs to

A. Group B only                           C. Group B or group O
B. Group O only                           D. Group AB only
[*]Which of the following blood vessel contains blood full of oxygen at low pressure?

A. Pulmonary artery                     C. Aorta
B. Pulmonary vein                             D. Venacava
(viii) Which of the following blood vessel contains blood rich in dissolved
        food substances?
A. Hepatic portal vein                        C. Renal vein
B. Aorta                                             D. Venacava
(ix) One of the following is not a respiratory surface
A. Gills                                              C. Skin
B. Mouth cavity                                 D. Nostrils
(x) During a physical exercise, the flow of blood to the
A. Intestine increases                        C. Skin decreases
B. Muscles increases                         D. Kidneys increases
2. Match items
Match the items of lost A with that of list B and use the below table to match the correct answer.
[*]The tip of the plumule
[*]Asexul reproduction where an

Organism divide into two parts
[*]Reproduction where by sex cells are not involved.
[*]Spending hot periods in dormant state
[*]Can not regulate body temperature
[*]Female reproductive organ.
[*]Transfer of pollen grains
[*]Pregnancy period
[*]Liberation of an ovum from  ovary
[*]Avoids doubling – up of chromosome

  1. aestivate
  2. hibernate
  3. corolla
  4. carpel
  5. binary fission
  6. multiple fission
  7. homeotherms
  8. Ectotherms
  9. Fertilisation
  10. Pollination
  11. Ovulation
  12. Menstruation
  13. Coleorhiza
  14. Coleoptile
  15. Sexual reproduction
  16. Asexual reprochiction
  17. Gestation
  18. Lactation
  19. Mitosis
  20. Meiosis

 #000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
LIST A(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)(vii)(viii)(ix)(x)
LIST B          
3. (a) Draw a well labeled diagram of a Luman Sperm.    (4 marks)
    (b) Mention one function for any four (4) labeled parts   (4 marks)
    © Explain any two (2) adaptations of the male reproductive system (4 marks)
4. (a) Draw a diagram of a plant cell and lable the parts which are concerned with
the following roles (functions).
A – controlling the substances entering and leaving the cell
B – Provide rigidity to the cell
C – Controlling all activities of the cell.
    (b) Write down two (2) differences between a plant cell and animal cell.
5. (a) List the environmental conditions that are necessary for germination to
         take place.
     (b) Explain why the factors listed in part (a) are necessary.
6. Differentiate meiosis from mitosis.
7. Compare insect and wind pollinated flowers.
     SECTION C:  (20 marks)
     Answer only one questions.
9. Write an essay on sexuality using the following guidelines. 
     - Meaning of sexuality.
     - Social and cultural factors influencing behaviour in different age groups of people.
     - responsible and irresponsible sexual behaviour and their impact on oneself,       Family and community.
     - Suggest ways of eradicating irresponsible sexual behaviour
10. Write an essay on economic importance of fungi.

07-20-2015 10:29 PM
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RE: Form 4 Past Paper

 I have enjoyed the discussions in advance. Thanks
07-27-2015 11:22 PM
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