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Meaning of work
Work is any lawful activity that a person does to earn living. People work to produce goods and services. It is the duty of every member of community to work. People must participate in activities that will improve their living standard as well as develop the nation.

Work related activities
Work related activities can be physical or mental. Member of society engage in activities according to their ability and knowledge.
The following are some of activities in which different people in the society engage in to produce goods and services.

1.      Farming
2.      Livestock keeping
3.      Fishing
4.      Mining
5.      Brick making
6.      Carpentry

Type of goods produced
1.      Crops, e.g. maize, rice and cassava.
2.      Livestock and their products, e.g. milk, skin and meat.
3.      Fish
4.      Minerals, e.g. gold, diamond and coal.
5.      Bricks.
6.      Furniture e.g. table, chair and desks.

1.      Banking
2.      Transportation
3.      Communication and information
4.      Health services
5.      Teaching
6.      Tourism
Type of service produced
1.      Financial transaction
2.      Transportation of goods and services
3.      Provision of education, entertainment and education
4.      Health care
5.      Provision of education
6.      Leisure

Importance of work

Work for self-development
1.      We get our basic needs from working. One must work in order to get food, clothes and shelter. Through work, one produces goods or provides a service. Goods are sold and services are paid for. The payment received enables the person to meet his or her basic and other needs.
2.      Work improves the economic position of the family and the nation as a whole.
3.      Works keeps people busy. They therefore do not have time to engage in criminal activities
4.       Works serves as the identity to the society. People know and depend on each other. They identify each others as the judge, carpenters, photographers and engineers, electricians, dentists, among others.
5.      Work brings respect. A person who works hard is normally respected in the society.
6.      Work makes people innovative. They come up with solution to existing problems as well as improve past method in doing things.

Work for national development
National development refers to the improvement in the life of people in the country. When the people in the country work hard, they increase the county’s production. This makes the economy grow. Work improves the life of people by producing goods and services that are needed by people to satisfy their needs.
The economic activities that the citizens engage in enable them to pay taxes to the government. Tax is the source of income in the government. It enables the government to provide social services such as health care, education and security. It also enables the government to engage in development projects such as building of roads and industries. A national cannot develop without these services from the government. Works is therefore very important if a country is to develop.

Chapter summary
Work is any lawful activity that a person does to earn a living. People work to produces goods and services. The following are some of activities which different people in the society engage to produce goods and services.

1.      Carpentry
2.      Transportation
3.      Livestock keeping
4.      Health services
5.      Teaching
6.      mining

Types of services and goods produced
1.      Furniture
2.      Transporting goods and people
3.      Meat, milk, skin.
4.      Health care
5.      Provision of education
6.      Mineral such as diamonds

06-12-2016 06:14 PM
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