The Boers Trek
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The Boers Trek
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Post Icon The Boers Trek

This was the migration of Boers families from the Cape to the interior parts of South Africa in order to escape from the British. They moved from the Cape colony to Natal and the South Africa highlands.
The Boers left the Cape mostly due to their dissatisfaction with British policies.
  1. British Introduced land privatization and put limitation on the amount of land that one could own. This violated the Boers practice of owning large farms.
  2. The use of English as the official language, It used for administrative and legal matters.
  3. The British replaced Dutch administration and legal institutions, British replaced the local elected Boers official
  4. British act of abolishing slave trade in 1807 and slavery in 1883
  5. The British encouraged the immigration of British settlers of South Africa with the aim of transforming the Composition of the local white population.

  • Boer’s republic developed in Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State as a result of the movement of Boers from the Cape to the interior parts of South Africa.
  • The trek into the interior South Africa created conflicts and violence between the Boers and African societies.
  • The Boers forcefully took African resources such as land and livestock in the interior of South Africa.
  • The Boers lost touch with their homeland. Their movement to the interior of South Africa developed a new language and culture known as Afrikaans and referred to themselves as Afrikaners.
  • The British regarded the Boers as rebellious, The British colonial government felt responsible for the cruel treatment to these Boers and hence influenced Boers to move to the interior part of South Africa.
02-15-2017 12:05 PM
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