How To Describe Your Family
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How To Describe Your Family
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Post Icon How To Describe Your Family

What is family??

The family is the group consisting of two parents and their children, it is the smallest social units in the society consisting of father, mother and their children.
Sometimes family can involve other relatives such as uncle, auntie, nephew, nieces, grandmother and grandfather as this type of family is known as extended family.

 Important words used in family Relation
Father - A male parent
Mother - A female parent
Uncle - A brother of your mother or father
Aunt - A sister of your father or mother
Cousin- A child of your uncle or auntie
Nephew - the son of your brother or sister
Brother - Your young brother
Sister - Your young daughter
Grandmother- Mother of your father or mother
Grandfather - Father of your father or mother.
Brother in law - A husband of your sister or brother of your wife.
Sister in law - A wife of your brother or sister of your wife.
 Focus married Joyce and they had two children, Jessica and Joel. Jessica married Erasto and got three children, Mashaka, Janeth, and Marry. Joel married Anna and they had also three children namely Evans, Martha and Antonia.
Focus call Joyce as wife
Eliza call Focus as husband
Jessica and Joel are Focus and Joyce Children
Mashaka calls Focus as his Grandfather
Evans calls Joyce as his Grandmother
Joel calls Erasto as brother in law
Jessica calls Anna as Sister in law
Joel calls Janeth as niece.
Jessica calls Evans as nephew
Try to perform the following Exercise

Draw a family tree of the following relationship
Mugo married Anna and they had three children namely Frank, Sara, and Neema. Frank married Asha and they had only one child named Isaya. Sara married with Athumani and they had four children namely Isack, Hidaya, Messi, and Grace. Also, Neema married George and they had also four children Yassin, Richard, Dastan, and Junior.

I will be waiting for your answers in this discussion and mark!
Expressing the Occupation of the family members
Within a family, members usually hold different occupation and practice different activities to satisfy their needs for example within the family there might be, teachers, nurses, doctors, fishermen, choirmaster, driver, and headmaster/mistress.

For example
  • My father is a doctor at Aghakhan Hospital.
  • My uncle is a Carpenter.
  • Juma is a teacher of mathematics at Kisewe Secondary School.
  • I am a fisherman at Lake Victoria for a long time.
  • Yassin is a tour guide at Mikumi National Park.
  • I am a driver of the lorry.
So these words doctor, plunder, teacher, fishermen, tour guide and driver describe the role or occupation in which members of the family belong.
As a student, it is important to know the occupation in which your parents or your relatives functions, you can ask them nicely in order to know.
06-10-2017 01:25 PM
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