Expressing Personal And Group Routines
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Expressing Personal And Group Routines
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Post Icon Expressing Personal And Group Routines

Routine is the normal order and way in which people do in their daily activities, so it is not strange that people who stay together daily have their common activities which they perform so that is termed as routine or habits.
These routine/activities usually are expressed in the present simple tense and can be observed by the following words such as every day, often, usually, daily, every month, every year, normally and others.
For example, in a social area, this is one of the examples daily routine:
 Student after Break time Daily routine
At 10:00 am break starts, we go out for a break of 30 minutes, during break time I drink tea with some snacks. At 10:30 am I go back to class. Class ended at 2:00 pm. After that, I normally use my extra time to do my own business and take home assignments. When it reaches 8:30 pm I usually help my mother to do home activities then I go to sleep at 11:00 pm.
Try to perform the following exercise
As a student what is your daily routine? In your routine use the following guidelines:
When do you take a shower?
When do you wash your body?
When do you go to the assembly ground?
When do you go to the class?
When is the end of the class?
When do you go back to home?
These are words or group of words for example at, in, under, near on, out of, on behalf of. These words are used before a noun or pronouns to show places, positions, time or method.
Uses of these Prepositions
  1. "AT"

This is one the prepositions which usually used in a sentence to locate time. For example; (i) He came at six o'clock
                               (ii) They will be at home tomorrow
                               (iii) The lesson starts at 8:00 o'clock
                               (iv) I slept at 11:00 pm
  1. "IN"

This preposition usually used along with the parts of the days, months and years. For example; (i) He came in the morning
                                        (ii) Schools will be closed in December
                                        (iii) He was born in 1993
This preposition usually used to show where and when something starts, who sent or give something and also it can be used to show where the materials originate.
So the word "from" has different uses depend on what it has been applied
For example; (i) He traveled from Dodoma to Singida.
                      (ii) This is the letter from my brother.
                       (iii) I am from Italy.
The Use of Do and Does
In order to be a good learner, student must have the ability to listen well to the information presented and have the ability to ask questions
So in the process of asking questions the words "do" and "does" should be applied, "Does" usually used to ask questions to a singular form while "Do" used to ask a question in plural form.
Also in the past tense all these "Do" and "Does" are represented by the word did to ask a question in the past form.

For example:

(a) In Singular form
Does she speak English?
Does Juma come to school late?
Does he smoke?
Does Patrick know how to swim?
(b)In Plural form
Do they go to school?
Do you speak English?
Do Juma and Ally write their names?
Do they know how to pray?
© In Past Time
Did you remember what I told you?
Did he cook some food?
Did they play football?
Did she sleep all night?
Try to do the following exercise
Make five questions by using the words "does," "Do" and "Did."
06-10-2017 10:50 AM
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