How Do I Become A Great Doctor!!

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A-LEVEL:  How Do I Become A Great Doctor!!
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How Do I Become A Great Doctor!!

Learn to be honest. Honesty builds
trust. Trust is everything.
Start by saying "I don't know" when
you don't know.
I've worked in a few pediatric
intensive care units where the
pressure to be quick thinking,
technically proficient and
comprehensive in consideration is
synonymous with the pressure to be
right. Many young intensivists view
being wrong as detrimental to
patient care. But the few great
intensivists I have come to admired
have learned and demonstrated the
power of saying "I don't know." It
invites group thought into complex
situations. Other members of the
healthcare team (nurses, nurse
practitioners, hospitalists, students)
can often contribute importantly but
they will be shut down in the
presence of a physician who does not
welcome it. The ability to say "I
don't know" takes more courage than
one can anticipate - especially when
it concerns the well-being of a
patient. Yet, it's a powerful tool that
flies in the face against ego-prone
doctors or the stereotype that doctors
are all-knowing. The exemplary
physician that models this behavior
distributes accountability which
enhances team performance. They
catalyze important discussions that
can help uncover a medical mystery.
And contrary to common belief,
doing this does not detract from
respect and trust - even from patients
and their families.
Learn how to say "I made a mistake"
Most hospitals have Morbidity and
Morality (M&M) conferences where
we review major complications and
deaths on a monthly basis. Many
times, the physician under scrutiny
during these conferences are
defensive and self-justifying. It's
very frustrating when an opportunity
to learn is outweighed by a
physician's refusal to admit a
It was during one of these
conferences, that one of my mentors
under review for a neurological
complication (stroke) in a patient
said with confidence "I should have
done this differently." It was such a
dramatic difference from the typical
response that the room was strikingly
quiet. The admittance sparked a
fruitful discussion that lead to major
system-level changes. In subsequent
conferences, other physicians were
inspired to be more introspective
about their practice. Most
importantly, patients were the
benefactors as subsequent error
prone behaviors were prevented. It
was not surprising to me that this
physician ultimately became the
physician-in-chief in a prominent
children's hospital. To me, this is a
unusual example of that sets apart
extraordinary physicians from great
I think there are other attributes to
becoming an extraordinary
physician (balancing personal with
professional needs, inspiring and
motivating others, etc). As others
posted, being smart, proficient,
compassionate and dedicated are
necessary characteristics to be a
great physician. I believe the
extraordinary physician is able to
model behavior that motivates and
inspires other physicians: it starts
with saying "I don't know" or "I
made that mistake" that dismantles
walls supported by ego. It catalyzes
important changes in healthcare that
ultimately improves patient care.

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10-03-2016 12:48 PM
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RE: How Do I Become A Great Doctor!!

04-30-2017 05:13 PM
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How Do I Become A Great Doctor!!

Hey Excuse me I was asking how could I apply for a diploma level of education on pharmacy?

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05-10-2017 12:38 PM
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